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This year marks the forty-seventh anniversary of the Roe Vs. Wade ruling in the Supreme Court in January 1973. The tragic impact of this ruling cannot be overstated. During that time almost fifty-seven million pre-born babies have had their lives ended. In this article I want to explain why it is important and right that we fight for these pre-born babies, and to encourage mothers in a crisis pregnancy that there is a much better path to take. What we must understand is that a great injustice is happening under our noses, and most of us pay little to no attention. In order to understand this big issue correctly we need to understand everything from God's perspective since his standard is the only one that matters. God is the Creator of the universe and he gives life to every thing on the earth (Genesis 1; Acts 17:25). What the Bible teaches is that humanity is a unique creation of God. There are many living things: land animals, birds, fish, and even angels. However, there is one creation that is greater than all, and that is the human race. The Bible tells us why this creation is superior to the others. Out of everything in creation only humanity is created in God's image (Genesis 1:26-27). What this generally means is that humanity reflects God more than any other creature. In fact, when God came to the earth two thousand years ago he became a man (John 1:14). It is interesting that God the Son did not become an angel. We can see the special place that humanity holds. 

Early on in the Bible certain laws were given by God. To keep these laws is to please him and to violate them is to rebel against his perfect moral order and bring guilt upon oneself. In the Ten Commandments one of those Laws is, "You shall not murder" (Exodus 20:13). To murder is to take the life of an innocent human. As we know in Wisconsin it is okay under certain circumstances to take the life of an animal (Genesis 9:3). People love hunting and it is ethical to do so and enjoy the food to eat. However, it is never okay to take the life of a human under any circumstance. The reason that everyone should oppose abortion is because it is murder. The Bible makes it clear that life starts at conception. King David made this clear from a statement he made in Psalm 139. He wrote, "You formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:13-14). David identified himself as a person, as God was forming him in the womb. Secondly, in another Psalm David acknowledged that from conception he was a sinner (Psalm 51:5). One can only be a sinner if he or she is first a person. Furthermore, in the gospel of Luke when Elizabeth was pregnant with John the Baptist, the text says that John "leaped in her womb" when Mary, the mother of Jesus, entered their presence (Luke 1:41). Only a person can have emotions, and John had the emotion of joy in his mother's womb. These are clear examples from Scripture that a child is a person from conception. 

Now it is hard to find someone who is going to argue that we should not protect the weak, but in the case of pre-born babies we have the weakest and most vulnerable of all. And yet, people think it is okay to end the life of this little one in the womb? According to Scripture it is wrong and a great injustice. It is sad that we live in a country that makes it legal to end the life of a human baby in the womb. What we must understand is that this is not a gray issue, but is indeed black and white. It may be legal to have an abortion in America (and other places in the world), but that does not make it okay. The right for an abortion may be in line with current the Law of the Land, but it is against the only Law that matters, the Law of God. 

The sad reality of this is that women have been let down by the Supreme Court and Lawmakers. They have been told that it is within your right to have an abortion. What they are doing in the process is misleading young women and leading them into sin, giving them a guilty conscience that stays with them. Thankfully there is forgiveness in Christ (1 Peter 3:18), but to put the mother in a position of guilt can be prevented. There are much better options that will lead mother and child down a much better path. I am delighted to be on the board of Options for Women Tri County located in Osceola, Wisconsin. As many of you know, our own Karen Mickelson is the director. This organization exists to help women involved in crisis pregnancies. Many women considering an abortion do not know where to turn but this organization can help. It is our desire that more churches know about this organization and are active in pointing women who need help to it. If you know someone living in Polk, Burnett, or St. Croix Counties who finds herself in a crisis pregnancy please pass on this organization to her. The focus of this organization is not merely to help the baby, but also to provide compassionate care for the mother. To follow God's path brings blessing to the one who follows (Deuteronomy 28:1-2). As the Giver of life God views life as enormously precious, and we must all do what we can to value and protect life, especially for the ones who are most vulnerable. 

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Seth